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Raised in the Snake River and Wallowa Valleys of eastern Oregon, Austin Barton has an intimate knowledge of the western way of life. He loves many aspects of that life and reflects those feelings and influences in the theme of his sculptures. Breaking horses, working on farms and ranches, logging and construction earned his living in those days, but even as a young boy Austin’s dream was to become an artist.

After a tour in the Navy and later completing commercial art school, Austin spent 20 years as a fashion and merchandise illustrator at a well-known outlet, working his way up to the head of the art department. Although he became accomplished in many forms of fine art, his primary interest “came home” to sculpture.

With Barton’s exceptional talent and attention to detail, he has quickly made a place for himself in the international bronze market. His impressive sculptures are now housed in numerous private, corporate, and museum collections across the United States and around the world.

Barton’s love of nature and natural gift for form and feeling have made his western, Indian and wildlife sculptures “rivals of the old masters.”