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Richard Boyer’s work is represented in galleries throughout the United States and Europe. His oil paintings use a traditional approach to still life and landscapes and are contrasted with a richer textural quality.

Boyer grew up in Buffalo, New York where at the age on nine he was first inspired to explore painting techniques. In 1976 his interests in mountain climbing and skiing led him west to Salt Lake City, Utah. Here he pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Art at the University of Utah. During his undergraduate studies Boyer’s painting technique was influenced by English portrait master, Alvin Gittens.

After earning his degree in 1981, Boyer studied languages at Universitat Kiel in Germany. During this time he traveled throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In 1984 he moved to West Berlin. Here he lived the bohemian life with a number of German artists. He experimented in his painting style, painting the harsh reality of a city trapped behind the Iron Curtain.

Since 1988 Boyer has divided his time between Salt Lake City and Stockholm, Sweden, the native home of his wife, Karin. He still travels frequently to Germany to organize exhibitions of his work and to further develop contact with other European galleries. Boyer’s international experience has led to interests in the stock market and real estate investments. He insists that “every artist needs a little diversification.”