Joe Wade Fine Art



Larry Combest grew up on a farm and ranch in west Texas and has been elected ten times to the U.S. House of Representatives from the State of Texas. He served as chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence and the Committee on Agriculture.

Larry and his wife, Sharon enjoy camping. Years ago, a friend gave him a wood carving set while camping in the mountains of Virginia. Following his retirement in 2003, Larry & Sharon began to spend as much time as possible camping in the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico where Larry honed his wood carving skills. Wanting to continue creating and not leave wood chips all over the house and having a desire to stop cutting his fingers so often, he started working in clay. Originally, he was just going to have a few items cast for close friends but Sharon encouraged him to make his work available to all.

"A hat is the most personal item of apparel. It takes on the personality of the person wearing it. I have known many men that would not have been as recognizable if they were not wearing their hat. I can put the face of someone I have known under each hat I create."

Larry lives in Lubbock and Santa Fe with his wife and best friend Sharon and if it had not been for her encouragement, the little bronze hats would still be chunks of clay lying around the attic where Larry works. Sharon hand makes all of the pouches that accompany each hat.