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Kathleen O’Bryan Hedges is that rare individual who is able to produce in bronze the emotional and thoughtful connection she has with animals. Hedges creates the clay models and through the “lost wax process” they will ultimately be produced in bronze. She lives with the subjects of her sculpture studying their mood, form and motion.

As a testament to her genius Hedges is entirely self-taught. Her studio is a small out-building a few yards from her 19th century farmhouse. Here Hedges creates a number of limited edition sculptures, both free standing sculptures of horses, foxes and other animals in addition to functional art, such as foxes that perch atop an exceptionally elegant champagne cooler and a unique pair of fox candlesticks.

When Hedges began her journey into the world of bronze sculpture, her work was rendered in minute and accurate detail, creating extremely realistic bronzes. Now she works in both pure realism and a looser more impressionistic style, but always true to the emotion of the subject she is sculpting. In looking at her sculpture, one can feel the emotional connection with her subject. Her work emits a fluidity that engages one to see the subject glide or leap from its’ base. One can almost hear her magnificent rooster crow with exhilaration.

Hedges executes much of the detail work that other sculptors leave to their foundries. She does her own wax work. Once the original wax is made she performs the work preparatory to casting the actual bronze and is even involved after the “pour” by “chasing” the metal itself. She personally applies the finishing patina by hand making sure that each piece is truly unique and representative of her vision. Hedges has developed unique patinas often using paint and chemicals and the result is truly remarkable.

Bronze sculptures by Hedges are well recognized by the art community and her work is in the collections of the King of Morocco, the Arundel Collection, the Royal Family of Quatar and Mr. John Grisham among others.

The work by Kathleen O’Bryan Hedges has been featured on the cover of Elan Magazine and favorably reviewed by the New Yorker Magazine. She joyfully lives and works surrounded by 4 horses, 6 dogs, occasional roosters, foxes and raccoons, Canada Geese and her human family.