Joe Wade Fine Art



My path stretches before me in creative obscurity, a peaceful curl ever unfolding, ever revealing. I can’t wait for what’s ahead.

Cynde Roof was first aware of her autonomy in the enchanting atmosphere of southeastern Alaska. An only child, she spent endless hours walking in the fern-filled, mossy, shady black jack forest of half dusky days in her homeland. Light and shadows were her playmates in a wonderland of bubbling imagination and beauty. This childhood existence encouraged rich and splendiferous play and make-believe that has now been refined, matured.

Not forgotten, but carefully preserved forever away, these bejeweled halls of memory have served her well in the fashioning of her life as an artist. The self-taught artist brings forth the dark drama and mystique one can enjoy in her serene still life applications.

Collectors are ever at the ready to see what will next be released from her easel. The mystery continues as an ongoing dance with patrons that collect one after another of her handsome pieces. “I feel so humbled and fortunate that people trust their desires enough to wish for and attain my work. It’s not just validation, but a spiritual connection that I can share with another human being. This is the real measure of success for me – it’s the duality of understanding between people.”

“I am thankful to my creator for painting through me the beauty of what I see in my studio”, the devout artist states. Her students travel the world as a student body to study with Cynde, going to places like the south of France where the artist spent so much time as a young adult.

Cynde Roof lives with her cherished husband, Rodney, in a small city that is a soft place to land with people that love her. She paints daily.