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Texas artist Jack Sorenson has spent his entire life on and around horses, a fact which has contributed tremendously to his authentic depiction of these magnificent creatures. Attention to detail and strong story-lines also characterize his work. Sorenson grew up living the scenes of the Wild West that he now paints. As a kid on his father’s dude ranch and frontier town on the rim of Palo Duro Canyon, his various jobs included gunfighter and stagecoach driver. Later, he moved on to breaking horses, which he continued to do after his marriage and while he began to paint more seriously. “I’ve known all my life that I was going to be an artist,” he says. “It’s like a preacher being called – it’s what I’m supposed to do.” After his first one-man show sold out, Sorenson opted for painting full time.

Sorenson’s sense of humor is often evident in his paintings of children, cowboys, and horses. “I believe great paintings should tell a story – they should involve the viewer. So much of Western art today is basically a cowboy or Indian riding through a Western landscape. We have the opportunity as artists to do so much more. I think that even a painting’s title should help tell the story.”

Jack Sorenson has been a professional artist for over forty years and his paintings have been used as covers for more than a dozen Western magazines. He is one of the best-selling artists for Leanin’ Tree Christmas & Greeting Cards. Warner Brothers recently used Sorenson’s painting of the Palo Duro Canyon as the cover of The Log of a Cowboy, an audio literature cassette by Michael Martin Murphey.

Joe Wade Fine Art of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the exclusive representative of Jack Sorenson’s original oil paintings.