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Artist Shana Zimmerman was compelled to capture the human form and spirit even as a young child working with paper, pencils and crayons. Growing up in New York City, her world was an endless human landscape of inspiration to draw upon. Early difficulties with language provided strong motivation for her to follow her natural artistic talents as a means of expression. In her early teens, Zimmerman found her medium in paint. She discovered a natural, instinctive ability for the application of paint and the use of vibrant color and line to express emotional content. Painting became her passion and she intensively pursued it, developing a distinctive style of paint application well before any formal education in the field.

Zimmerman moved to the Southwest in the late 1980s and continued to develop her skills and explore subject matter like feminine identity, intimacy, and expression. She eventually settled in Tucson and completed her BFA at the University of Arizona, graduating with honors in 1998. She has been selling professionally since then and her work has been sought by collectors nationally and internationally. In 2001, Zimmerman was selected by Southwest Art Magazine to appear in a September special feature, “Meet 21 Young Artists Under 31 with Promising Careers”. In 2001, she was selected for inclusion in the show at the Bennington Center for the Arts (Bennington, VT) titled, “Artists for the New Century”. Zimmerman has appeared in two person, three person and group shows over the last ten years as well as several solo shows, including two at Lynne Fine Art Gallery in Scottsdale (AZ) in 2006/07 and one at Arts Partnership Gallery in Tucson (AZ) in 2007. Since 2000, she has been represented by the Joe Wade Gallery in Santa Fe (NM). Photographics Works compiled a 40 page book focusing on Zimmerman’s painting entitled, A Collection of Works by Shana M. Zimmerman, in 2006.

Living in a place of harsh extremes, vivid light and rich history inspires Zimmerman. She paints many sides of what she loves in Tucson whether it be local characters, regular haunts, or mountain backdrops.


I have painted through almost every stage of my life. My art has been my greatest passion, my loudest teacher, and most of all a process in which I find the most possibility for growth. The healing and insight I get truly humbles me. I never want to shy away from the female perspective for it is what I know. I paint about physical and emotional energy for I feel it is the purest form of expression. The complexity of the inner mood of the subject meeting the outer world brings a tension that is real. I believe the process of painting creates the statement of art.