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Sean Conrad explored and experienced a variety in several professions which led him to acknowledge that only when expressing himself artistically was he truly happy and fulfilled.

Conrad was born in Tuscola, Illinois in 1973. He has been greatly influenced by his father, a very successful cartoonist, with whom he spent much of his childhood observing him drawing people and capturing their spirit.

Conrad completed his education in graphic design and computer animation in San Diego, California. He enjoyed a successful lifestyle of a graphic artist but was not content. He visited his father in southern Colorado and while his company Conrad discovered painting plein air. He was totally captivated with what could be expressed on canvas on location. Deeply inspired by this experience Conrad ended his career as a graphic artist. He moved to Trinidad, Colorado and began developing his expression as an artist. Conrad was further influenced by internationally known artist Eric Michaels. Michaels provided guidance, encouragement, and connection to many galleries and museums.

Conrad returned to San Diego to marry. After time his fond memories of the beautiful Colorado landscape beckoned his return and he has now permanently settled in Longmont, Colorado.

Sean has followed his heart finding personal and professional fulfillment. Conrad is an artist to watch; he has the advantage of age and is devoted to his chosen career. He will continue to be collected by people with a developed aesthetic.